Poached eggs with fresh organic avocado & baby gem lettuce

Boiled eggs with sauté fresh spinach and roasted bread

Plain omelette with organic eggs

Roasted eggs with Parmesan cheese & cherry tomatoes

Scrambled eggs with fresh local butter, smoked pork and katiki domokou cheese


Shoyu Ramen soup
Soup with pork belly  ,ramen noodles, shiitake mushrooms, marinated boiled egg, fresh onion and hot chili oil.

Grilled octopus with unagi sauce & Katsuobushi bonito flakes

Yaki Nasu
Grilled Aubergine with Honey Miso & Katsuobushi Bonito flakes

Beef tartare
Organic beef tartare,extra virgin olive oil,chives,fresh oregano,olives,salt blossom and light hot sauce of roasted lemons.

Beef tataki
Organic beef cut into thin tataki slices,served with traditional chimichurri sauce.

Pork & Shrimp’s Gyoza  
Handmade gyoza with pork and shrimp served with jalapeño mayo sauce


Crispy Duck
Salad with crispy duck, pomelo, pine nut and shall.

Robata Garden
Seasonal grilled vegetables over quinoa salad.

Japanese Slaw
Chopped cabbage and carrot with fresh herbs and yuzu vinaigrette.

Chopped octopus with pickled cucumber

Burgers & Bao buns

Tribeca 25 Smash dry aged
100% Dry aged ground beef cut by hand ,aged cheddar cheese, shiso leaves and Japanese pickles on brioche bun

Bao bun with crispy duck

Smash  chicken
Free range chicken, rocoto sauce new york style , japanese pickles on brioche bun.

Robata section

Small  skewers from chicken grilled on Japanese grill

Japanese kebab chicken

Kokoro & Reba
Hearts and livers

Chicken legs

Chicken breast

Chicken skin

YAKINIKU (Grilled Meat)

Miso Lamb Chops

Cubed Sirloin with chili marmalade and asparagus

Miso-Marinated free range Chicken

Baby Back Pork Ribs with Cantonese bbq sauce

Porterhouse Steak with Butter Koji Miso and Asparagus Pickles

KUSHIYAKI (Mixed Skewers)


Padron Peppers

Gohan rice with aromatic vegetable oil

Yaki Onigiri 
Grilled Rice Balls

American Yuca
Crispy yuca fries potatoes



Grilled & Drunken Pineapple

Yuzu Steamed Almond Cake with Coconut foam

Matsa Tiramisu

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