In a city where the concept “historical” – when it comes to nightlife – is gradually disappearing, TriBeCa, located on the old waterfront of the city, for the past 25 years, has been the absolute definition of continuance, style, quality, with a loyal following through a course of time full of thrills.


Named after the famous neighbourhood of New York City, Triangle Below Canal Street, it managed to build its own legacy in Thessaloniki.


Steadily choosing to support another concept, one of the dominant ones in the area, that of a bar of merit, on the most beautiful street of the city, with the ultimate view of the sea from every spot of its inside space, and the absolute delight of Thessaloniki’s spectacular sunset, TriBeCa justifies the legend which surrounds it.

TriBeCa is the definition of a cocktail bar that offer you the perfect serve. With a cocktail menu of stunning quality and aesthetic, developed by years of study and constantly enriched, justifying its reputation to those who know of the pleasure of an ideal cocktail.


The sophisticated cocktail list with classic and signature cocktails is constantly renewed and has at its base virgin ingredients that grow in Greek soil and add a special character to the composition and strong features of the place. But no cocktail is exciting on its own, unless an ideal relationship is formed between the glass and the drinker. In the culture of fine drinking, the bartender plays just as crucial a part as the cocktail itself. The bespoke service is part of the ritual which takes form in the customer’s glass.


With a deep knowledge of spirits, a member of a great whisky club with options for those who specialize in the enjoyment of whisky, with 40 brands of tequila and gin for enthusiasts, seals the selection of a place where to enjoy fine drinking.

Having invited and hosted famous bars from Europe and not only there, such as 1930 (Milan), The Jerry Thomas Project (Rome), Freni e Frizioni (Rome), Nightjar (London), Electric Bing Sutt (Beirut), Ferdinand’s pub (Beirut), Lost & Found (Nicosia), thanks to its extroversion, it is integrated into a world map of important cocktail-oriented destinations, that people from every corner of the world visit, aiming for indulgence.


The drink is accompanied by an exquisite casual dining menu, based on simplicity and necessity, for a lunch break during the day or a special finale during the evening, with a cuisine that flirts with unique American style burgers, steaks, pasta, pizzas, salads, risottos, one of the most delightful and rich brunches of the city and also private dining nights and great guest chefs from Athens and the possibility to order past midnight.


And all these impressive people accompanied by the absolutely ideal soundtrack. Bossa nova, jazz and soul at its best. A day in TriBeCa is a strong dose of the experience of the way Thessaloniki knows how to uniquely tend to its demanding residents or visitors.


My career as a chef started 7 years ago.

Even though i really enjoyed cooking i had never thought at pursuing a career as a first it was just a simple job to me, but as the time come by i realised that i was actually having fun and that it was what i wanted to do the rest of my life.

I really like the kitchen posts to be well organised for me teamwork and good atmosphere inside a kitchen are the key factors for the best result.personally, i am obsessed with seasonal vegetables and fresh products as well as with past fish and homemade bread.

I am very happy and grateful for everything i have learnt so for the chefs i have worked with have taught me to respect every material i use and every situation i experience in the kitchen environment.i like traveling and reading i think these two make you think.

Bar Manager

Giannis Bakos

The man behind the bar. The mind beging the cocktail list. Giannis Bakos is one of the more experienced and best mixologists in Greece. Having a professional journey of 22 years, Bakos is responsible for the exceptional cocktail list that’s based on Greek soil natural ingredients.


  • His favourite spirit is tequila.

  • He’s a part of TriBeCa staff from

  • He’s very talkative and always willing to thoroughly explain you every single detail of his cocktails.